Honk Magazine – April 24, 2020

One of the first songs written by Dylan Joseph, “Closer To You” takes a look in the past at his college break up experience, and how every moment was another reason to remember how perfect his ex-girlfriend was, and how much he missed her.

American artist Dylan Joseph is making his latest contribution to country music under the form of a song and music video titled “44”. A magically beautiful country song with laid-back vibes, “44” is not just another release for Dylan, who describes his sister’s car accident and miraculous healing experience, filled with signs and messages from god along their way.

House of Shakes- April 2020

The music video is titled ‘44’ because Dylan, his sister, and mother kept seeing the number 44 appearing, a strange and mysterious occurrence that led Dylan Joseph to re-think his priorities, reinforce his faith, and express his gratefulness with more intensity towards the creator of the universe.