“44” is why I write music

Wow… this is insane. “44” was added to the top 2020 country playlist on YouTube. I’m beyond shook right now… such an unreal feeling right now. Thank you to each and every one of you for listening and watching this video. Music is such an outlet for me to share stories and feelings in ways that cant just be spoken about. This song is held so close to my heart and to have so many people relate to the lyrics and share their own stories is an indescribable feeling. THANK YOU.

This is what it’s all about… being able to connect with people through the lyrics of “44” is why I write music. ??
Having you guys reach out showing your own side to stories like mine is amazing. Writing music and having people connect with the lyrics is the best thing an artist could ask for.

“44” out now on all music platforms!❤️?

This song was truly written from the heart. A few years back my little sister and a few of her friends were in a horrible golf cart accident. They ended up going around a corner to fast and flipping the golf cart. It didn’t have a roof on top of it and my sister was sitting in the back of it, so when it flipped she was launched from her seat and hit her head on the pavement. She was rushed to the hospital and turns out she had a skull fracture and internal brain bleeding which ultimately the doctor said she potentially might need emergency brain surgery in order to fix this. They then ended up airlifting her to UCLA medical center and started prepping for surgery. After getting her ready the doctor then came back out to us and said, “ Well guys, a miracle just happened, the swelling in her brain is going down on its own and she is going to be okay.” We were all confused, the doctor himself was even confused because he has never seen something like that go away on its own before. About a month after she was released, my sister started noticing the number 44 everywhere she went. We didn’t think anything of it at first, thought it was just coincidence… but it started to get freaky how often this number showed up. At that point, I went home and researched the meaning of 44, and it stated that 44 is the representation of the Guardian Angel of Protection. It was right then and there I knew, that there was somebody watching over my little sister that day protecting her.
Where the story gets even a little crazier, about a year ago my family lost our house in the wildfires. Not a single thing was left, everything was ash. I started searching for the area where my room was and came across something very special. I found the cross necklace I handed to my sister when she was laying in that hospital bed. This to me was just another reassurance that there truly is that 44 angels looking after us.